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The West Virginia Scenic Trails Association (WVSTA) is a nonprofit organization founded in the early 1970s and staffed entirely by volunteers.

WVSTA built and maintains the 
Allegheny Trail (ALT) although its long-range goal is to promote and help construct a statewide system of trails that would help prevent overcrowding and degradation of existing trails.

Membership in WVSTA is not limited to citizens of West Virginia and can be individual, family or group memberships. Some current members live as far away as Alaska.
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Event StartEvent EndTitle
4/11/2017 6:00 PM 4/11/2017 7:00 PM Recurring Event: until 10/13/2020 (total 68 events) Mary Ingles Trail Blazers (MITB)

Blazing: Volunteers blazing the section of trail between 3N/S 10.52 to 12.92 (boundary between Sececa SF and BSA) mistakenly put new BLUE blazes below the faded yellow blazes of the ALT. Hikers should follow the BLUE blazing in this area if the yellow blazing is not found.

Lost Items:
Lost is a Woodmans Pal (large machete in a leather sheath with a knuckle guard) on the segment of trail between BSA scout camp and Seneca State Forest trailhead.  Also lost is a stainless Coleman mug in the area mentioned above.

Cheat Canyon:
Allegheny Wood Products (AWP) has temporarily closed the Allegheny Trail through Cheat Canyon for road construction. For
instructions on the current route from Mt. Nebo to Muddy Run, please see the new instructions, which should be considered as an addendum to the hiking guide.

Camp Dawson Re-Route: The re-route around Army National Guard firing range has been completed. The new route has been blazed.  The blazes on the old route have been removed.  You should have no problem following the new route.

Trail Warning:  As of November 2009, the tread at the southern ascent/descent of Shavers Mountain is still very difficult (Guidebook map caption: Section 2 N/S Map 14 Milepoints 63.34-66.09).  Watch for loose scree and narrow tread, especially near the top of the ridge.


Our 2009 Trek Bear Cubs!